—-가사/해석—- We call out Your Name in the darkness And watch as Your glory unfolds For there is no measure or end To the power You hold 우리는 어둠 속에서 […]

—-가사/해석—- Here I am Down on my knees again 다시 무릎 꿇고 저 여기 있나이다. Surrendering all Surrendering all 온전히 굴복합니다. 온전히 굴복하오니 Find me here 여기에 있는 저를 찾아주세요 […]

—-가사—- Outside the city walls On a wooden cross A light in the darkness Bleeding from Your hands Flowing from Your side A river of mercy A river of mercy […]

—-가사/해석—- From the highest throne To the earth below You laid down Your life For the likes of us Great is the love of the Saviour 지극히 높고 높은 하늘 […]